China internal led display industry situation and development

During the past years of development, led display industry's development in China has already begun to take shape at present, have basically formed a number of leading enterprises with certain scale. Enter new century, the photoelectron industry gets the extensive attention, some enterprises with capability and influence regard led display as the important content of development of management strategy, set foot in led display industry, joining WTO, success of application for organizing the Olympic Games of Beijing of China, etc., become the opportunity of led display screen industry's development, there will be greater adjustment and development in led display industries in China within the following years.

By 2000, the annual output of led video display member unit of professional committee has already exceeded 1,100 million RMB, one degree of sales amount is over 1 billion RMB. Compared with 1999, the average growth of the whole trade producing and selling value is more than 10%, the growth of specific enterprises is nearly two times among them, several enterprises have increased by more than 50%, most enterprises are steadily increasing, minority glide too, estimate, this output value accounts for more than 75% of the same trade of the whole country. The number of employees is nearly 9000, professional and technical personnel is more than 4000 among them, account for whole 45%, with middle-and-high-ranking title for technical personnel there are more than 2400 people, account for whole 28%. These personnel are engaged in technological development mostly, as to whole trade, have stronger development ability.

Our country main led display manufacturers mainly concentrate in the East of China, North of China, South of China at present, large-scale range of market of manufacturer nearly cover the whole domestic market. It chases increase too. Estimate that there are more than 150 LED display manufacturers which is large scale (annual output in the 3 million yuan above) at present, among them there are more than 20 families in annual output up to ten million. And because cost performance on domestic led display is higher, market share is nearly 100%, the foreign same kind product basically has no market.

From 1993 to the present, national LED display market keep lasting growth (according to the estimation by Taiwan PIDA, domestic led screen  market about for 40% in annual growth) . The development of the basic industry of photoelectricity has promoted LED to reveal the folk industry develops rapidly in the coming year in recent years. According to statistics of the yearbook of electronics industry and some technical magazines, LED output number was increasing by 700 million compared with 1996 in output in 1997, but LED output value increased by 1,389 million in the same period, (domestic led screen that LED used is imported majority, especially the green light and blue light), including part of output value of led screen. In fact, quite a few of were the output value that led screen  was created in 1,389 million output value increased in 1997.

On the domestic market at present, domestic led screen  market share is nearly 100%, the foreign same kind product basically has no market. Tianjin sports center, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing West Railway Station Capital Airport, Pudong airport, in meeting-place of 43rd World Table Tennis Championships etc. won a bid of enterprises by our country. Domestic led screen  products and market are fast growing, producers are numerous, and the leading enterprise group is still in taking shape at present, in the era that heroes try to win the champion. As the competitions of led screen  products trade make in order progressively, the market will change over to scale, brand competition soon, when forming the capability progressively and occupying more than 50% three to five enterprises of share of market, the market of display screen will become more and riper.